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Cheap PKE, Remote Start/Start Button

I’ve noticed that many people are interested in engine start buttons and the such. These days you can find cheap remote start/push button start modules on Ebay and Aliexpress. But, are they worth buying and the trouble of installing? I’ve purchased a cheap PKE(Passive Key-less Entry) system for $60(USD) from Ebay to find out. Continue reading Cheap PKE, Remote Start/Start Button

USB Charger Install

These days everyone has a device that is charged using a USB port. Sometimes those devices run low on power before the day is through. I thought any passenger who rides in my car would appreciate being able to plug their devices in and charge them. Yes, I could use a charger the plugs into the 12 volt power outlet, but my car only has one in the front, which is not ideal for any passengers in the back seat.
Continue reading USB Charger Install