USB Charger Install

These days everyone has a device that is charged using a USB port. Sometimes those devices run low on power before the day is through. I thought any passenger who rides in my car would appreciate being able to plug their devices in and charge them. Yes, I could use a charger the plugs into the 12 volt power outlet, but my car only has one in the front, which is not ideal for any passengers in the back seat.

Car USB charger

Enter this nifty USB charger. I had a couple to choose from, but I ended up going with this one. I’ll probably try the others in the future.

USB charger with rubber cap

The install was real easy. Just cut/drill a hole where you would like to install the charger, then wire it up. Done.

This is the plastic piece in which I will install the USB charger.
This is the plastic piece in which I will install the USB charger.


Marked where I was going to cut the hole...
Marked where I was going to cut the hole…


cutting hole for USB charger
Hole cut out for the USB charger.

After having cut the hole into the plastic piece where I would install the USB charger, securing the USB charger to that piece was as easy as sliding the charger into the hole and fastening a nut on the backside of it.

USB charger secured in the hole...
USB charger secured in the hole…

Then I wired it up to the same circuit that the front 12 volt power outlet is on. That way it has a fuse, and it only has power when the key is in the accessory or on positions.

And, the final install:

USB charger installed USB charger installed

And, that’s it! It turned out quite well, I think! It will certainly be useful! Let me know what you think about this install.


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