New Idea: Engine Start Button

I recently test drove a ’14 Honda Civic, and I really liked some of the new features that Honda has added to their vehicles. The start button intrigued me.  It used to be that the S2000 was the only vehicle that Honda decided to have an engine start button on, but now it seems that has spread to their other vehicle lineups.

I wanted to put that same start button functionality on my ’91 Honda CRX. I’ve seen other people install S2000 start buttons in their Civics, but all the button did was activate the starter motor. It didn’t control the ignition or accessories. They still had to use the key for that. What’s the point of installing the button, then? It just adds an extra step to starting the vehicle!

Now, I know that you can by complete start button kits that add all the proper functionality, but they usually cost upward of $200(USD).  I had the idea to make my own setup for much less, and I could use any button I like! At the heart of this project is the Arduino. The Arduino contains a Atmel AtMega328 micro controller that I will program to operate the vehicle’s accessories, ignition, and starter.

Arduino Uno
Arduino Uno

Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses.

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