1988-1991 Honda CRX Trouble Codes

Is your check engine light(CEL) on? Getting the trouble codes from the Engine Control Unit(ECU) might make it easier to fix the problem. Here is how to get the trouble codes.

The ECU is located at the front of the passenger foot-well, under the carpet. There is a single flashing LED(Light Emitting Diode) at the center of the ECU. The LED flashes the trouble codes. Count the flashes in each sequence to determine the code.

Code 0 - Faulty ECU
Code 1 - Exhaust oxygen content(O2 sensor)
Code 2 - --
Code 3 - Manifold Absolute Pressure(MAP) sensor
Code 4 - Crank angle sensor
Code 5 - MAP sensor
Code 6 - Coolant temperature
Code 7 - Throttle angle(Throttle Position Sensor)
Code 8 - Top dead center(TDC) sensor
Code 9 - No. 1 cylinder position(1.6 liter only)
Code 10 - Intake air temperature
Code 11 - --
Code 12 - Exhaust gas re-circulation(EGR) system
Code 13 - Atmospheric Pressure
Code 14 - Electronic air control(EACV)
Code 15 - Ignition output signal
Code 16 - Fuel injector
Code 17 - Vehicle speed sensor
Code 18 - --
Code 19 - Lock up control solenoid(auto trans.)
Code 20 - Electric load

Petition to Bring the 2015 Civic Type R VTEC Turbo to North America

Honda Civic Type R Concept
Honda Civic Type R Concept

If you aren’t too busy at the moment, you should head over to this page and sign the petition to bring the 2015 Civic Type R Turbo to North America. The Civic Type R seems to always avoid North America.

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R Turbo is rumored to have a 2.0L turbocharged engine with 280+ HP. It’s styling is way different than anything I’ve seen before. It’s very agressive. I find it quite refreshing. If this Type R comes to North America, I’m definitely going to buy one.