Project - Frame Work

Project - Frame Work

Postby Scott on 2009 Apr 07 10:08 pm

I'm actually doing it. I'm going to attempt to remove the bent rear crossmember and replace it with a brand new one.
I'll show you my progress here. And if I succeed maybe you'll learn something valuable.

First off take a look at this thread(car) and this one(bent crossmember) to see what I'm working with.

Let's begin.

After I dropped the gas tank, I started cutting the rear crossmember out. It's a somewhat tedious job. I began by using a Dremel to cut out the bulk of the crossmember.
Gas tank gone.

Gas tank.

Cutting the rear crossmember.

After cutting most of the crossmember out, I than started drilling out the spot welds to remove the remainder.
Drilled spot weld.
Another drilled spot weld.

Some spot welds I wasn't able to get to with a drill so I used a cutting wheel on the Dremel.
Had to cut this one with a Dremel.

I got metal shavings all over my face which reminds me:
Always wear eye protection when working on cars!
metal shavings on face.jpg
Metal shavings all over my face from grinding and drilling the spot welds.
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